Hoyt Mason is the star of "I'LL GET IT IN THE SPRING," a forthcoming mockumentary that follows a filmmaker's exploration of a fallen 90's infomercial star and hack guru-- who happens to be his childhood friend. Across the film, the boundaries between documentarian and auteur, film-maker and friend, and fact and fiction begin to blur as the narrative of Hoyt's life spirals out of control.

 "I'LL GET IT IN THE SPRING" (2045) gives a glimpse into the conflict between reality and documentation by following one man's life after enlightenment.

Clip #1 from "I'LL GET IT IN THE SPRING."

The Meditation Station

The Meditation Station is a real machine complete with cabinet, upholstered seat and headrest, an internal operating bay with display and functioning output for the enlightenment distributor, all constructed by the artist with found materials.


The Meditation Station, created by Hoyt Mason, has changed people's lives.

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