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WHEN THE SEEDS SAY ENOUGH is a study on the power of film and video in relation to memory and loss with specific focus on the materiality of film and the material culture of death. By employing alternative photographic processes, this work draws attention to the meaning invested in antiquated technology and visual language, as well as its role in our conception of videographic memory. Using the personal archive as a raw material, WHEN THE SEEDS SAY ENOUGH challenges the postmortem canonization of individuals by extending their temporal influence. This work is an act of eulogy, an open letter to my late brother, with the thematic centerpiece being what remains of our childhood home. The left channel of the diptych, hand-developed in caffenol, invokes lived experience, whereas the right channel, culled from home videos, is a visual representation of videographic memory. This effect is achieved through mordançage and then creating a cyanotype of the Super 8 film. 

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